Day 3, Deano in Brazil… The first taste of competition


After waiting for the rain to subside all day yesterday and this morning, we were finally granted a window of opportunity to get out and practice some tasks before lunch, despite quite strong and changeable winds.

Most of the time the wind was drawing offshore so was not the best, with some rotor coming off the back of  highrise buildings; but flyable none the less.


Dean Eldridge, takes 3rd on the first day of the Brazil eventI had a trial ‘head-to-head’ run with Grzegorz Krzyzanowski from Poland around the pylons this afternoon which was fun and exciting, both swapping the lead and having some overtaking maneuvers.
There’s definitely a difference in styles out there between the paraglider pilots and their acro wings and most of us Europeans with our reflex paramotor wings. Both my Parajet Polini200 motor and Paramania GTR20 wing are performing faultlessly with just a little tweak here and there to set things up for the conditions.


Dean Eldridge, takes 3rd place at the Brazil competitions, paramania extreme pilot dean eldridge


Training is now over and much shorter than anticipated but there’s not much that can be done when the weather doesn’t play ball. At least the forecast is favourable for the weekend event.

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-Dean Eldridge

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2 Responses to Day 3, Deano in Brazil… The first taste of competition

  1. Theron says:

    Results from Day one of the event

    1.Alex Mateos, FRA, 1m08s56
    2.Grezegorz Krzyzanowski, POL, 1m24s76
    3.Dean Eldridge, ENG, 1m42s76
    4.Laurent Salinas, FRA, 1m29s72
    5.Ramon Morillas, ESP, 1m32s84
    6.Pasquale Biondo, ITA, 1m34s50
    7.Daniel Crespo, ESP, 1m34s50
    8.Raffaela Benetti, ITA, 1m38s67
    9.Pasal Vallee, FRA, 1m43s80
    10.Hernan Pitoco, ARG 1m43s83
    11.Dhiego Rendeiro, BRA, 1m46s80
    12.Marcio Aita, BRA, 1m46s80
    13.Emilia Plak, POL, 1m50s80
    14.Raul Rodriguez, ESP, 1m50s80
    15.Eli Ramos, BRA 1m50s80
    16.Fernando Simoes, BRA, 1m50s80

  2. Theron says:

    Great Job Team!!

    Salinas in 1st!! And Deano 4th!!

    Paramania dominated.

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