Amazed by Paramania and the GTR by Glenn Tupper

After flying the Paramania GTR 24 for about six months it was time to migrate to the GTR 20.  I received the 20 a few weeks ago and enjoyed her blazing fast speed around a few pylons in El Paso, Texas.

I had to return to Colorado Springs for work but I came armed with my GTR 20 and my Parajet Volution Thor 100.  If you don’t know Colorado Springs it is in the middle of the United States in the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 6,035 feet (1839 m). 


“Once she is inflated it is as if you are flying a “fixed wing” aircraft”


I was a bit worried about climb performance and how hard it was going to be to take off at such an altitude, but the GTR never fails to amaze.  My first attempt was this past Friday, on my 28th Birthday, I set out determined to fly next to the Garden of the Gods.





After leaving work at about three in the afternoon I headed out for a takeoff spot that I reckoned on Google Earth just about a mile northeast of the red rocks.  The temperature was about 20 degrees C and the wind was gusting about 20 knots, thermals everywhere but it was time to fly.  I really wasn’t worried about anything as I knew how solid the GTR 24 was after flying it in some of the worst turbulence of my life at the Grand Canyon, the GTR 20 would be even more reliable.





“I was being bounced around every which way but not even a wing tip collapse.”






Sure enough, the wing even at over a mile high popped straight up over my head, the easiest wing I have ever launched and off I went.  I probably should have waited for the thermals to die down but my confidence was high that this wing would be like a rock in the air, once she is inflated it is as if you are flying a “fixed wing” aircraft.  I flew over and along the red rocks of the Garden of the Gods, it was spectacular to see from the air, but I was unable to take my hands off the controls to take pictures the conditions were so rough. I was being bounced around every which way but not even a wing tip collapse.


After this day I have full confidence in the abilities of the GTR and the technology that has been placed in her, she is solid and faithful, and even at over a mile high with a 85 k pilot and a measly Thor 100 engine she still wants to fly, and fly as fast as ever.  Stay tuned for more mile high adventures!!


Glenn Tupper

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