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Ojovolador to review Paramania Action GTR 24

  One of most exciting power wings of the moment, the GTR provides the most radically closed turns we have experienced up to now, with immediate response, solidity and poise. All, in a paraglider featuring magnificent profiles and that, surprisingly, … Continue reading

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Clearing up some questions: GTR; Economy Flying, Unsheathed lines, and trim system.

As the Paramania GTR becomes mainstream the questions flood in, here I answer some questions. You can use your brakes with trim fully out on the GTR. Although, if you do use brakes while in reflex it does take out … Continue reading

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Paramania Australia – uses the GTR 24

About 6 months ago Paramania sent a GTR 24 to Australia as a demo, we wanted to see how the pilots would react to such a wing when most normally they enjoy cross country flight. Here is the feedback from … Continue reading

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Paintball Warfare – Epic Paintball Battle – YouTube

Our Paramania GTR Team pilot Glenn Tupper takes it to the next level with this exciting video. Already with 2,500,000 hits we are excited to see a paramotor get so much publicity. Enjoy!   Paintball Warfare – Epic Paintball Battle … Continue reading

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Washing Your Wing

I recently received a question from a customer; he has a good condition Paramania wing and had the porosity checked but the wing is a bit dirty. He asked how to take care for and wash the wing… Thanks for … Continue reading

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Franck Simonnet’s flight through Arizona and Utah

After the end of my work contract in the United States of America, I hit the road for a paramotor trip in the South West to discover the finest Arizona and Utah scenery. During my travels I met local pilots, … Continue reading

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Unofficial Ribbon show from UK Nationals

Pascal and Deano doing a ribbon show at the UK Nationals 2011, sorry it is not the best quality… Do you have videos to share? Please post the link here, we would all love to check them out!

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British Open 2011 Review

Besides being a bit of a rain-out, the British Open Paramotor Championships was a hit. People felt it was very organized and well run. Andy Phillips, chairman of the UK Paramotor Competitions Committee did a great job as the event … Continue reading

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Paramania Graces the Podium With Two Winning Pilots

Again, we grace the podiums with winning pilots. The French ULM championships were held at Couhé-Vérac from 29 May to 3 June. Two of the Paramania Pilots took places on the podium at the French Championships. Nico Salinas took 3rd … Continue reading

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Paramania Team Pilot Paco Guerra wins national league in Albuquerque

Paco Guerra flying a Fusion 20 won the 2011 national league in Spain just recently. I love doing paramotor events because I feel the speed on my body, the G force in the turns and improve my piloting techniques. With … Continue reading

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