British Open 2011 Review

Besides being a bit of a rain-out, the British Open Paramotor Championships was a hit. People felt it was very organized and well run. Andy Phillips, chairman of the UK Paramotor Competitions Committee did a great job as the event organizer and was appreciated many times at the event. Andy told me he was relieved to have Michel Carnet, nine-time British champion as the task director this year. In talking with the participants the overall feeling was that it was interesting to see how someone different would run the task portion of the Open.

Between the rain storms full energy was put into the tasks, many winners were announced including Phil Jennings who took two places on the podium! Phil took 3rd overall in the British Open and 2nd in the National League results.Pascale Campbell-Jones prepping to fly

I would also like to note our other honored pilots that took the stage but not the podium Pascal Campbell-Jones and Dean Eldridge.

Please view the final results listings on the Paramotor Mag site here

I would also like to mention Nirvana for there great LED evening displays and thank Paramania for supplying the Pylons, although they were not used at the event for a Parabatix show they lit up the sky on the first evening of the Nirvana display!

There was also a spectacular ribbon show done by Dean and Pascal.Parabatix Pylon

Per the usual, it is a bit of a worry when it comes to possibly disturbing the towns people of the area but they ended up showing their excitement for the Open with their own groups outside of the organized event space with clapping and cheering to encourage the event on.

I personally hope the event will be held in the same place next year, the turf farm was perfect! Some minor crashes happened but all in all it was a great event, I believe everyone left satisfied.













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