Day One World Championshipts, Spain!

I have been at the World championships in Spain for the first several days of practice and now we are at the first task.

The opening ceremonies were great with Paco Diaz skydiving, low passes by airplanes and a promenade on the deck by all the teams from around the world.

Paco Diaz just breaching the airplane for his skydive


We had a chance to rally up the Paramania Pilots and snap a quick photo. (Missing Daniel Cresbo)

The Pilots at world championships, spain 2012

Pilots were having some tweaking issues with carburetors especially float ball carbs as the tuning on them will make more efficient flying machines but can need some special attention to get the mixtures just right.

Also were the normal issues of getting all the gear necessary, sending people for parts and missing pieces.

It is a very active field with 117 pilots registered at this event; very exciting seeing all of the people gathering to compete in Spain and it has been about 4 years sense the last World championships the energy is high with a great destination for a comp like this.

It is hot! Desert like, in the evenings the temperature drops and the days get up past the 30’s but mornings have given way to tasks and we are making attempts to fly figure 8’s this evening – day one – if the wind lets up.

Pilots are sitting at the ready in three different decks. Splitting teams and pilots up into groups. The organizers have chosen some interesting ways to keep the playing field even for all countries. It has run smoothly and is looking to be a very interesting comp.

Below is a photo of our own Paco Guerra on the GTR and Paco Diaz on the Taxi.

Paco Guerra gtr 20 and Paco Diaz trike Taxi


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