Dean is back part three – more touring and advanced training

Dean is now back in the UK and touring the country, giving training ahead of the coming competitions. He has been training hard with Phil Jennings, another Paramania Fusion 20m pilot and 3rd in last years British PPG League. Phil, flying Paramania

Dean said,”We have had a splendid weekend of weather and so have been able to practice all disciplines of competition including slalom, economy, precision and navigation and pushing each other to the limit.”

Soon he will be heading north and will meet with Ric Wormersley, another fantastic competition pilot, second only to Phil last year, for some more intense training.

Dean was in the States to compete for a world record, then Nepal for SIV testing and adventuring, now back in the UK! What a busy guy, glad he has made it back safe and we are excited to keep track of his upcoming season.


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