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An excellent intense week of flying was had around the Hampshire/Dorset area in the UK on my return from Sri Lanka with very mild beautiful weather for the time of the year. I was concentrating mainly on the the new additions to my equipment list being the Paramania GTR 18 and the Parajet Zenith. Both are excellent pieces of equipment that allow really rapid flying and amazing that a 110cc engine can propel a high performance 18m wing. On the last day of the good weather I erected some pylons to practice some slaloms and to let the local Paramania pilots have a play with also much wonderment of the passers-by. All in all a cracking good week…

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  1. Theron says:

    Im surprised a 110cc motor could make the 18 perform as well! What motor was it?

  2. Polini Thor 110 in a prototype lightweight Parajet Zenith chassis spinning a standard propeller.

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