Franck Simonnet’s flight through Arizona and Utah

After the end of my work contract in the United States of America, I hit the road for a paramotor trip in the South West to discover the finest Arizona and Utah scenery. During my travels I met local pilots, one of them was Glenn Tupper. Glenn and I connected because we both love to fly and we have the same wing, a Paramania Fusion.

Simonnet in ArizonaLater I joined Glenn Tupper In El Paso, Texas. Glen is an Army surveillance pilot who loves the maneuverability and low flight capacities that a paramotor allows. Flying together, we followed the US/ Mexico border toward a mountains overlooking the city. After circling the crux on top of the hill, we came down the Rio Grande. The trip started under the best auspices.

At Apache Junction, Arizona, we continued on Lost Dutchman Road, turned second right on Gold Trail and were within a wingspan of Superstition Mountain. According to the legend, in the nineteenth century Jacob Walzer a German immigrant discovered a vein of gold ore. He only revealed the location on his deathbed. Another legend native Indians believe is that there is a hole which leads down into the lower world and is located in the Superstition Mountains . Winds blowing from the hole are flying in Utah and Arizona paramotorsupposed to be the cause of severe dust storms.

What did we find? Which legend did we verify?

The breeze was light, the Mountains turn golden at sunset, and we had some priceless flights. The silky fabric of the glider was dwarfed by the rock solid flat iron Peaks…

The full story will be published in the coming issue of Paramotor Magazine.

– Franck Simonnet

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