Had Robinson and Lee Boone, Amigo Airshow Oct. 20th. – 21st.

Our last article featured a great video by Had Robinson, How to: USHPA and USPPA Advanced Instructor Revo2 review.

In this article I mentioned how him and pilot Lee Boone have two events coming up, the Amego Airshow and the Extremo Air Show.

They just finished the Amego Airshow on October 20th. and 21st. Along with the GTR display team there were 13 other performances coming from all over the USA including the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Army Golden Knights.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned because Had and Lee will be doing another display with the Extremo Air Show in Chihuahua City, Chih., Mexico October 27-28, that is in just a couple days!

The Extremo Air Show brings thousands of people to watch hot air balloons, motorcycle stunt riding and circus rides of all kinds. Expect great food and plenty of fun!

To view a more detailed report and description head to the El Paso Paragliding website.

had robinson flying the gtr with ribbon

Had robinson usa paramania gtr GTR 24 amego airshow

Photos: John Shaw

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