New Revo 2 at Demo prices – only at Beach Blast

We will be giving away Revo 2’s for Dealers at Beach Blast for Demo prices!

Only at Beach Blast will this happen – ending on May 8th.


The Revo 2 is becoming one of the most popular all around intermediate wings on the market, come and see why people are talking about it and possibly demo one on site.

Order your Revo 2 Now! This will not happen again (only accepting cash).

Make your order in the next four days at Beach Blast and we will ship you a brand new Revo 2, this is only valid at Beach Blast and if you show up in person.


Tell all of your buddies and come meet us!


Also, learn about Reflex technology from Mike Campbell – Jones! He will be speaking today, May 4th and Friday May 6th.

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