Note from a very happy customer, thanks Awod!

Here is a note from one of our happy customers, we wanted to include it in the blog because it was such a great compliment to what we have been doing here at Paramania. Awod Saeed Al-Ahmar is a long time pilot out of Saudi Arabia.

Dear Paramania,

I have been a PPG pilot since 2006 and my first wing was a Revo, I bought it from Land & Space Aviation school in Saudia Arabia, I was trying other wings from other brands but I did not feel comfortable with them. My friend Ahmed Al-Zahrani who I lost three months ago advised me to get the first Fusion and I did and I really liked it soooooo much – that was in late 2008.

After 2008 I wanted to upgrade wings again, and again I tried many wings and did not feel comfortable with them. Awod flying his new Revo2My friend Fahad Al-Zkeri who runs the school now advised me to get a Revo2 and I just got it a week ago and guess what? It is an amazing wing, I really really loove it.

I think this a continuous successes of your products and this is the reason of making me one of the Paramania fans.

So thank you for making my flying dream nicer and safer.

Friendly note:

If you make the wings with more color options without any extra expense it will be very very nice. Make many colors, make it happy colors, just like the old Fusion.

Best regards,

Awod Saeed Al-Ahmar

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