Paramania Australia – uses the GTR 24

About 6 months ago Paramania sent a GTR 24 to Australia as a demo, we wanted to see how the pilots would react to such a wing when most normally they enjoy cross country flight.

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Here is the feedback from Andrew.

The GTR is going great. I have been taking it around to fly-in’s whenever they have been on. It is on it’s way to a Queensland fly-in (2,000km’s north) with one of my sponsored pilots (Rick Clarke) this week so it can be demo’ed and displayed at the event.

Personally I find the GTR very nice to fly. It’s great down low flying along the dry creek beds and around trees in the paddocks here. Very responsive and still very stable.

Andrew concluded by saying.

I can only compare the fuel economy with the Revo2 I had been flying with my newest paramotor (TOP80) and it seems to be about the same. Having said this I am flying the GTR more aggressively than I would the Revo2 and still using the same amount of fuel. I am impressed with this, and the lift, given the GTR is 2 sq meters smaller than wings I usually fly.

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