Paramania Graces the Podium With Two Winning Pilots

Again, we grace the podiums with winning pilots. The French ULM championships were held at Couhé-Vérac from 29 May to 3 June.

Nico Salinas taking 3rd place French Nationals

Nico taking 3rd place at the French Nationals

Two of the Paramania Pilots took places on the podium at the French Championships.

Nico Salinas took 3rd and Phil Jennings placed 3rd as well, as a non-French winner and contestant.

Nico has worked hard with the French team and as a Paramania pilot and should be recognized. Nico is a good pilot that deserves to be noted. At the French Championships he sportingly took third place where the option was open for him to have taken first place. Where many followed others, Nico stuck to his understanding of the rules and positioned himself correctly. After much influence from other pilots and advisers Nico chose the lesser of podium positions and took third. For future

Pascal Campbell-Jones congratulating Nico!

Pascal Campbell-Jones congratulating Nico!

pilots, this event should be remembered.

Phil taking 3rd!


Phil has been training with Dean Eldridge; we are happy to see Phil out there making advancements in his skills and placing at competitions!


Great job to both of these pilots!

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