Paramotor World Championships, Pilots vs. Meteo

This morning we got one task in and was difficult with the conditions.

It was a declared speed with hidden points and photos. You had to adjust your trajectory from the last point to the next. The wind was a challange and made the task a bit more difficult for the pilots as they not only had to get to photo of the point but maintain the declared speed.

Paramania powergliders, taxi gtr, gtr, gtr


In a conversation with Deano he said, “I could have declared a faster speed but was not expecting the wind to be like it was.” he concluded by saying. “There was a lot less wind speed up higher in the sky where it was a bit stronger on the ground.”

A massive cloud came rolling in late morning and rain was expected but has now left. The conditions are predicted to be bad for flying over the next couple of days, but lets hope for the best.

Tomorrow the 31st.

meteo for world championships


September 1st.

september 1st meteo world championships paramotor spain

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