Quebec, Fly Games World update from Dean Eldridge

After a leisurely time for the pilots while the authorizations for flying in Quebec were being finalized, we eventually got to test our equipment out yesterday afternoon and get a feeling for the course that we’ll be competing on in the coming days.

Unfortunately I had some problems getting the carburation sorted on my machine so spent the majority of the time fettling on the ground which was a little frustrating. In the end I found something that worked despite running hot and spent the final few minutes of daylight by myself on the course.

I then spent the whole evening with the Canadian Paramania pilots who have come down to support us, stripping the motor down and looking for anything that might be giving me an issue.

I really take my hat off to these guys for being so helpful and supportive to all of us Team Paramania pilots that have traveled here. It’s great being part of a big family wherever we are in the world!

Thankfully there are no issues with my wings, the only problem will be to decide whether I use my 18m or 20m GTR as it is not possible to change wings during the competition. The 18 is the faster of the two and it’s a pretty long circuit suited to this size but there are a few tasks where it is necessary to touch the wing tip on the water or have a heavy penalty and this favors the 20…

We have another day of testing today so I’ll make sure my Polini 200 is in tiptop shape and make a final decision after looking at the weather for race days. It could come down to being the 18 if it’s windy or the 20 if it looks to be calm…

– Dean Eldridge


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