UK Nationals, Dean Eldridge takes first and second with the GTR

Having built a fresh Parajet Zenith paramotor just a few days before and without having any time to test with it due to our inclement British weather, I arrived at the 2012 British Paramotor Competition with a little bit of trepidation.Paramania GTR 20, Dean Eldridge UK champion, UK open champion

Rule of thumb, don’t change anything right before a competition!

However, having the same geometry as my previous prototype machine but with the additional power of the bigger Polini 200 motor I had some idea that things would be OK. And the week previous I had gained useful information about my Paramania GTR20 while working with Lolo Salinas and Mike Campbell-Jones at the French Open competition.

With a break in the weather on the Saturday evening we started the comp. I also came armed with points gained from the previous 2 league events where I came in 2nd. Consistency through tasks is the name of the game for a good result in a championship and that was my focus, to do well in each task and not do anything silly.Paramania GTR 20 UK nationalsBanking the GTR 20 into a tree with Dean Eldridge

I managed good, solid and consistent results and was elevated to 1st place where I stayed for the rest of the competition by keeping at the intensity and focus. My Paramania GTR 20 was the perfect choice for this competition giving wonderfully safe, agile handling in the slalom tasks and being fast, solid and incredibly efficient in the economy and navigation tasks.

A British Championship title for me and the first ‘classic’ style competition win for the GTR, Polini 200 and Parajet Zeneth with many more comps and wins to follow.

slalom competition at UK nationals with Dean Eldridge on the Paramania GTR 20


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