World Championship Event Comes to a Close.

Through much hard work the World Paramotoring Championships come to an end. All pilots and countries out there GREAT JOB! it is no easy task, our hats off to you.


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The event ended with 10 tasks.

Task 10 was an economy/ distance task the pilots were briefed to fly around pylons in a large track with 1kg of fuel (1.3L) and could exit at the Paramania flag to land and submit their times. If they did not make it around the track to the pull out point and had to “land out” then 20% was subtracted from the score for that task.

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Unfortunately there was an issue with Dean Eldridges timing card and his track was not recorded but he counted 5 laps. If Deano would have been able to complete the final task the results would have placed him up high on the rankings.

Stats for the GTR 24

on the GTR 24 by paramania, champion! pure economy.


After looking back at the stats something I found very interesting was that Daniel Cresbo won the economy task on his GTR 24 by about 30 minutes in task 8, pure economy. This is a great stand out statistic by the 24, and to back it up Victor (Moncho) Rodriguez made 7 laps and “landed out” just before completing his 8th.

Unfortunately because of his landing out he was penalized 20% of his score for this task. But to note the winner of the pure economy for foot launch completed 8 laps.


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