Fly Games World Championship, Brazil: Deanos Update: Day 2


Just a quick update before an early start tomorrow.

As the organizers have been waiting for everyone to turn up and everything to be fair, the briefings were not until today and the flying will start early tomorrow morning.

Thankfully everything arrived in one piece and I had no problems with customs, unlike a few others.

We are now all chomping at the bit to get in the air after chomping on the local delicacies the past day and a half, less eating more flying!!

Deano flying Paramania and Parajet

Tomorrow will just be a shakedown test, no testing of tasks although we now know them all inside out after lengthy but very informative briefings. The organizers have obviously done their homework, have setup an amazing course right on the beach outside the hotel and have covered most eventualities with logistics and weather conditions, should that arise.

It’s really going to be a wonderful, visual spectacle for the people of Santos!

Friday will be a more intense day with timings of the actual tasks but in a practice scenario should there be the necessity to change anything.

Some of the tasks involve two pilots racing together at the same time, I am up against Grzegorz Krzy┼╝anowski from Poland..! Then all hell breaks loose at the weekend with two frantic days of racing.

Paramania GTR and Dean Eldridge flying his Paramotor

The scoring system seems very fair and is in a knockout style. 17 of us will be whittled down to 12, the top 10 plus the best 2 of the 7 remaining in a separate shootout. Sounds strange but is actually very fair. The 12 will then go down to the last 5 on the Sunday and then it’s an actual race between the top 2 of the 5 pilots, head-to-head for the final. All very interesting!
Dean Eldridge studying paramania for the GTR test.
I am desperate to get out there fresh tomorrow and strut my stuff so will now catch up on some much needed sleep.


-Dean Eldridge
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